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Đc: 54 Lê Hồng Phong, Buôn Ma Thuột, Dak Lak - Phone: +84914223537 - Email:

    Im Tuan Anh Easyrider, Welcome all of you to visit Vietnam. Enjoy your vacation and adventures with my easyrider trip to get more things to see and learn about Vietnam in My Easyrider Trip as a special trip as I have been doing this more than 1 years.

    My easyrider tour is full of passion of Vietnam to bring to all of you about Vietnam where you are able to connect to real peoples sothat you can see the real of many diffences things that you never seen before. When you pick my tour as the most important thing to do in Vietnam and you open minded something new and fulfill your knowledges about new cututres ,histories ,peoples with all sightseeing as : Ethnographic Museum, Dray Nur Waterfalls, Dray Sap Falls, Bandon, etc elephant, mountant ,jugles,villages also stay at the homestay at right local villages( jun villages in LAK lake ) are one of the highlight of the trip to see the real life in VIETNAM .The aim of this ,you have a chance to see the real Vietnam and Highland to understand more about my country where was effected by huge dammages from Vietnam War and long poverty was lasting for many generations .this is the huge stories which is the most important to lean all the facts that was happened and still remained as poverty was been suffered by all Vietnamese whose are differences one then you are abble to figure it out many questions of why and how .

    This parts of Vietnam are rich cultures and traditionals of the Mountant People also colourful of Agricultures such as flowers coffee ,silk ,black peper, sugarcan, tabioca ,rubber,tea,and rice.coco plantation..FOR all of you ,this is the Open Minded tour in my country so that you can learn and exchange cultures as much as you can . My easyrider trip will be interested in learning about Vietnam in your travel life time ..There are so much things to learn about the country .That is the reason why when you pick my tour, you will get all to know that im bring my passion about doing it to your trip and when you choose my tour is one of the best, the most that you spend your right money for making a tour in Vietnam.

Easy Riders Buon Ma Thuot
54 Le Hong Phong, Buon Ma Thuot, DakLak



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