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5. Buon Ma Thuot - Buon Don - Ede's Village -  Water fall - Trung Nguyen Coffee Village - Lak Lake - Coffee Planstation

My price service only: 165$.- Total: 250 Km. . This price applies to transport by motorcycle , if you go by car , price + $10 / 1 person/1day (minimum 2 persons )

Start at: 08:00, from Buon Ma Thuot EasyRiders office

1. Buon Don tourist center

40Km from BMT city center, northwest.

It was famous for the traditional wild elephants catching and elephant taming. You can know the way  how to catch and taming wild elephants of M'nong ethnic people. Walk across the bamboo suspension bridge over Serepok river,  visit an ancient wooden house on stilts with Laotian  architecture.

You can ride elephant in here.


2. Have lunch in Buon Don tourist center

We have lunch in Buon Don. We will eat the specialties in Center Highlands.

You can option. 20$/1person (you pay).


3. View coffee planstation, Visit village Ede's people.

On us way home, we visit a Ede's Village. You can see Ede People,They are very poor and you can see real their life. Moreover, we see real coffee planstation.


4. Finish 1 day:

Go to around BMT and destination is hotel for rest, and we start tomorrow at 08:00


5. Draynur,Draysap waterfalls

25Km from BMT city center,southwest

Take a walk along the Serepok river to enjoy the majestic greatness of waterfalls , Draynur,Draysap. We will spend  two hours in walking along the river on a small track through a natural forest, its the left is a river and the right  is  erect cliffs  to get to another waterfall, Draysap, for sightseeing, and swimming, take lots of  picture, scenery here is really picturesque.


6. Have lunch in BMT center

We have lunch in BMT center. We will eat the specialties in Center Highlands(different foods in Buon Don)

You can option. 20$/1person (you pay).


7. Ethnological Museum

Around 1km, BMT city center
Nice museum with artifacts and detailed
information to know more about the province. Recommended to anyone who is interested in history. Nice display. Plus big yard outside with lots of trees. You should check out the trees located at the other side. It is the biggest tree I have ever seen, branches spread everywhere.


8. Finish 2 day:

Go to around BMT and destination is hotel for rest, and we start tomorrow at 08:00


9. Lak Lake

56Km from BMT city center, Southeast.

Lak Lake, located 56 km from Buon Ma Thuot,
is in the southern part of the province, close to National Highway 26. The great body of water hemmed between low mountains has been home to many kinds of wading birds for a long time. On the lakeside of Lac Lake is a magnificent palace owned by the last Nguyen King, Bao Dai. Standing on the balcony of the second floor, visitors get a panoramic view of the valley and the lake below. The remains the royal boat which was boarded for short cruises by the owner of the palace, Bao Dai, whenever he stayed in the palace. 


10. Jun village.

56Km from BMT city center, Southeast.

By the side of LAK LAKE is the sizeable the M'nong Rlam village of Jun with over 30 long houses. Different from the M'nong Gar who live in on-ground houses, the M'nong Rlam live in longhouses which are built on stilts like the Edeh. Their method of building long houses has remained simple and consists mainly of binding bamboo with thatch for the roof and walls, constructing support pillars and framing with wood using tenon-mortise technique. No metal nails are used. The houses are cool and well-ventilated, thanks to the building materials of thatch and bamboo. In the M'nong language, Jun means "jutting out." The village is named Jun because it juts out from green LAK LAKE. Coming to LAK LAKE, you may ride elephants around the village, row dugout canoes on the lake or enjoy the Gong show and drinking jar-wine with the villagers. You are welcome to stay overnight in the traditional longhouses at a budget price, allowing you to experience the local lifestyle of the village.


11. Have lunch in Lak Lake.

We have lunch in Lak Lake. We will eat the specialties in Center Highlands.

You can option. 20$/1person (you pay).


12. Drink coffee in Trung Nguyen Coffee Village

Trung Nguyen Coffee Village offers more than a cup of the exquisite beverage. It is an ideal place for those who are interested in learning about coffee trees and the coffee processing industry.


13. Finish tour.

Comback BMT finish us tour at maybe 16:00

End at: 16:00, at Buon Ma Thuot EasyRiders office third day.



- English speaking guide

- Motorbikes

- All petrol (gasoline), Helmets.

- All entrance fees


- Your food and drinks

- Hotel 2start (13$/1day)

Extra pay:

- Ride elephant: $15/1elephant.

- Breakfast and lunch: $15/1person/1day (Vietnam's food).


Why You would Like to use my service

1. I 'll pick you up when you get to BMT by my Motobice.

2. You can sleep in my home(no fee), have wifi, hot water for shows. Soft cushions and warm blankets

3. You can change Tour schedule.

4. I will show you many things about BMT as: food , culture ,
meet my friends, play bilard at night, go to drink coffee, ect….

Buon Don Tourist Center

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Trung Nguyen Coffee Village

Water fall

Village Ede's people

Lak Lake

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